24.4.2019 18:00 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (Colin Higgins; 1982; 35mm; 114’ )
Vuonna 1978 Broadwaylle ilmestyi musikaali, jonka aiheena oli 70-luvun swinger-kulttuurin ehkä ihanin ilmentymä – teksasilainen Chicken Ranch -bordelli, jossa ilolintujen parvea paimensi suulas Madame ja jonka herravieraat jakoivat kokemustensa riemut kaikille vailla turhaa kainostelua. Tämä periamerikkalainen fantasia otti sittemmin muotoja sekä pornoelokuvana (Debbie Does Dallas Part II, Jim Buckley 1981) että dokumenttielokuvana (Chicken Ranch, Sandi Sissel & Nick Broomfield 1983) – olkoonkin, että dokumentin kohteena oli Chicken Ranchin nevadalaishaara. Näiden teosten väliin mahtui Hollywoodin versio samasta aiheesta: musikaalielokuva The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982; Colin Higgins). Musikaalin tähtinä nähdään kaksi kansansuosikkia, joissa ruumiillistuu koko bordellin luonne – kantriskenen rouhein intellektuelli Dolly Parton, ja 70-luvun machoin seksisymboli Burt Reynolds, joka tuohon aikaan tunnettiin rooleistaan salakähmäisten bisnesten ja rallikilpailujen sankarina. Tästä lähtee, tervetuloa!

In 1978 a musical opened on Broadway that celebrated a 70s porn swinger lifestyle epitome: A Texas brothel called Chicken Ranch, which was run by a splendidly loquacious Madame, enlivened by a delightful bunch of saucy Ladies, and merrily frequented by a few well-behaved and unembarrassed Johns happy to share with the world how much almost-innocent fun those fucks for some bucks are, Yessir! Porn was, of course, the first to celebrate this All-American fantasy in Debbie Does Dallas Part II (1981), directed by Jim Buckley whom we shall actually meet on screen tomorrow night, so stay with us, you’ll have the time of your life; documentary, maybe not quite surprisingly, was last in line, with Sandi Sissel & Nick Broomfield’s cheeky portray Chicken Ranch (1983) – although this one shows the daily comings not at the Lone Star State original but its Nevada branch. Sandwiched in between came Hollywood – and how Hollywood came: With an adaptation of the musical! Nothing but the wildest and hottest was good enough for a pleasantly popular celebration of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (1982; Colin Higgins). The movie’s stars perfectly explain what folks back then saw in this place: The female lead is Country & Western’s raunchiest intellectual, the incomparable Dolly Parton, her male counterpart the biggest sex symbol of the 70s, the one and only Burt Reynolds who became the top$$$raking icon of rural spunk and down home daring-do with a series of movies about bootlegging and car racing! Yessir!, we at Viva Erotica are like those folks down there in Texas: We stop at nothing to give you a good time on opening night, so WELCOME!

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