Since 2012, Nappi’s name has been attached to some 414 audiovisual productions of a pornographic nature (videos, web series, compilations of already existing scenes), according to the Adult Film Database. Two of these films were with Monica Stambrini, the first of which, the strange, sensual creature feature Queen Kong (2016), we screened at Viva Erotica in 2017. As a pornstar, la Nappi has done it all and with some of the most popular and exciting directors in contemporary pornography: “accidental pornographer” Lew Thomas of the Fake Taxi series,blacked’s Greg Lansky, and Johnny D. Fetish of the long-running BDSM-series Superboundto name a few. Throughout, she has been nothing short of fearless. Few performers do approach sex with such gusto. In her performances, she delights in all genders and bodies expressing an inclusive and ecstatic approach to sexuality and sensuality. Am Valentina Nappi is perhaps her most fearless performance all, offering us a raw, honest, and intimate encounter with a multi-dimensional woman expressing her erotic, emotional, and intellectual power.